Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today's Flower: Two Red Daylilies

Hybrid Daylilies
Hemerocallis ‘Red Hot Returns’
Hemerocallis ‘Point of View’

For Today’s Flowers here are a couple more Daylilies. They must have done well flowering last year because they seemed to get under the lens a lot more than usual. Here are two more hybrids that were spotted during the summer. I have grown neither but did plant some ‘Red Hot Returns’ last fall. It is a relatively short Daylily with a good reblooming habit. The color is nice with petals orangey red and a lemony throat. Click here for a Larger Version of 'Red Hot Returns'.

‘Point of View’ represented here in both a macro and wider view is a spider daylily variant. It is a cross between ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Newberry Amaryllis’ and was hybridized in 1992. The flowers are big and a nice red. It blooms in the early to mid-season.

^Click Here for a Larger Version

Larger Version

The other day I started to try and link to a larger version of the pictures posted here. It worked except that I can’t really put them in the ‘New Pictures’ type of gallery that I had envisioned since when I move them later it will cause a lot of dead links here. Instead the pictures will be linked to the gallery that they will reside on Digital Flower Sorry for any confusion while I work this out.

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Suffeli kuvailee said...


Unknown said...

I very much like the combination of the daylily and flax. I'm going to have to look for 'Red Hot Returns' which I hope is available in Canada.

Al said...

Very beautiful, I can imagine the sweet scent.

eileeninmd said...

Your daylilies are very beautiful! Gorgeous colors. said...

magic scene..congrats

i beati said...

special contrast

Pacey said...

I love day lilies, they are just so lovely. And this one is a beautiful red.

wenn said...

lovely daylily!

Regina said...

Amazing captures!

Carletta said...

Such really beautiful shots!
I love the contrast of color in the first shot. Two colors I wouldn't ordinarily choose together until now! :)
Lovely post!

Rechie said...

very sophisticated flower in red.. lilies of any kind are really lovely flowers

stunning shots

mine's here

Kala said...

Beautiful images. I have lilies similar to these that bloom in late July.