Monday, February 01, 2010

Jade Vine

Jade Vine
Strongylodon macrobotrys
(stron-GY-loh-don) (mak-ro-BOT-rees)
Synonyms: Emerald Creeper, Flor-de-Jade, Jade Climber
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My day has been filled with tropical garden touring. This flower is probably one of my favorite all time colors. I don’t know of any other flower quite like it. Of all the specimens I have seen of this plant (not that many but a few) this one was blooming the best.

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Jade Vine is endangered in its native area of the Philippines. It can grow to 40 feet long and attractive to hummingbirds. The flowers are often used for leis here in Hawaii but I haven’t seen that yet.

Even the flower litter was pretty awesome.


Les said...

What an unusual color for a flower.

Christine said...

My monitor shows the color to be a kind of teal blue. It's beautiful.

Kala said...

What a beautiful and exotic looking flower!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I think this is such an interesting bloom. It makes me a bit sad to think it is endangered. It is so unusual.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the comments. I did read that the flower color is rare for the plant kingdom (like this might be the only flower quite this color).


It is endangered in the wild however it will never be extinct because of all the specimens in cultivation.

Indrani said...

A rare colored flower! I am pleased to see this.

Misti said...

Fairchild has a great plant and it is one vine I've always wanted to grow. We haven't actively sought it out, though.

Unknown said...

Amazing... so unusual and lovely that it hardly seems real!

Tankar från Trädgårdsmästarn; Hillevi said...

found your page the other day, trough another page here in Sweden, Europe.
Great pics, lovely page, I'll see you again. (even linked to your page:-)
Have a nice day

( I don´t know if my name at the top gets a bit scrambled, while I have those "funny" letters with dots on top. My alias means "Garden Maker")

Regards, Hillevi