Thursday, February 18, 2010

White Shell Plumeria

Plumeria rubra 'White Shell'
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After shoveling the 10 inches of snow yesterday and cleaning off the cars I decided to go through some more Hawaii pictures. One place that we enjoyed was the Plumeria Grove at Koko Crater. It was a fairly quick visit but a lot of the pictures came out. That usually means that the light was good (late afternoon), the sky was blue, not too windy and of course that the flowers were beautiful. Everything kind of came together that afternoon making it a pleasure to walk the garden and snap some photos. Previously there were a few photos posted here from this garden and since there was a bounty of photos there will probably one or two more posts.

Koko Crater and the smaller Koko Head are located on the Windward side of Oahu. It is the hottest part of the island and from the looks of things one of the driest. The Botanical Garden is the arid more brown type than the lush green kind. The scenery is dramatic and is a nice drive.

That first shot was inspired by Kala and her imaginative use of Bokeh (that is the out of focus background patterns a lens makes). She has inspired me to try and capture some nicer backgrounds.

Plumeria rubra 'Kaneohe Sunburst'
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Since most of the leaves were not out on the trees this shot seemed like a good idea. Shot in Monochrome with the Nikon D700 and 105mm macro lens.
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This beach is also along the south east coast and looked wonderful. This picture was taken with a FujiFilm J38. It was the widest lens I had at the time. We just pulled off the road onto the wide shoulder and took a few pictures. I think the park is called Makapu'u Beach Park and the islands are Manana Island (Rabbit Island) and Kaohikaipu Island (Turtle Island).

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Tankar från Trädgårdsmästarn; Hillevi said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely and oh, so lovely pictures:-)
All that gorgeous snow can never be the same...

Have a nice day,

Kala said...

That shot of plumeria is gorgeous - love the bokeh! And I just read that you are home now. Oh, dear, well it was nice to be away from this horrible weather at least for a while. And oh my gosh, my eyes went straight to the first image and now I see where you've written about me. :)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

That white shell plumeria is amazing! Most plumerias are photographed open and the 'front' of the bloom, this photo is really just glows.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thank you for the comments. Kala, keep shooting. I can't wait to see what you come up this season.

Hi Janet, like I said everything just came to together nicely on the Plumeria visit.

pixelshots said...

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