Saturday, April 30, 2011


Viola x wittrockiana ‘Primrose Yellow’
(vy-OH-la) (wit-rok-ee-AH-nuh)

We planted a lot more Pansies than usual this spring. It was probably due to us wanting to push up spring a little after the harsh winter. We used a mix of different shades but these yellow ones stood above the rest as far as flowering. When I went to the nursery to pick up the Pansies there was a whole block of these and they were literally glowing. It made a strange light on the outside of the house. The smell was beautiful too. Driving back to the job I had to open the windows on the Jeep since the odor, while pleasant, was getting a little overwhelming.

Last night I went and saw my friend’s band playing at a local sports bar. I hadn’t seen them in over a year and they were much better. It really sounded good. Tonight we have our monthly gig at Molten Javas Coffee House in the next town over. I am looking forward to jamming out.

Here is the guitarist and singer from last night. Both are really talented. I had the D700 and 60mm/2.8 lens. As soon as I got there I knew I should have brought the 50mm/1.8 because the lighting was so bad. I can’t understand the place had about a million dollars worth of TVs (including one that was about 10 feet wide) but couldn’t afford any stage lighting.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Those are pretty pansies. I just got one wash tub filled with some. I was thinking about getting more, but the time got away from me, and now other flowers are blooming. For some reason, the pansies haven't grown as much as I though they would. Still, the blooms are a welcome sight.

We're in a coffee shop right now. It was fun reading this. When I saw my husband was sitting in the area with more light, I told him I was glad. LOL No band is playing, though. It's Saturday morning.

SandyCarlson said...

Glowing yellow pansies seem to be angels from another realm telling us spring will stick around. It is so chilly right now that I am happy for the assurance.

I suspect that guitarist is no pansy at all!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sandy, I know. I thought it was really cold here last night.

The guitar player is a very nice kind of smooth guy.

catsynth said...

It's fun to see the band picture here! And improving over a year is a good sign.

Hope your monthly gig went well.