Sunday, September 18, 2011

Royale Chambray Superbena

Royale Chambray Superbena

Verbena hybrid


Synonyms: 'AKIV5711'

When this plant was purchased we had no idea it was a new variety for 2011. The name is appropriate since this plant does grow and flower with a royal habit. First the color is great. Probably not dark enough for true purple lovers but it is a very pleasant shade of purple. The habit is like Verbenas in the fact it is a bit of a sprawling mound. ‘Royale Chambray’ seems to have a little better depth than most varieties.

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Bonus picture for Sunday! This Dahlia has me wondering if the plant I grew last year under this name was an impostor. The colors were not nearly as vibrant and warm. This one has been a star in the cutting garden.

Decorative Dahlia
Dahlia 'Tahiti Sunrise'


Karin M. said...

Beautiful flowers ... super ....
LG: Karin

Luna Miranda said...

the verbena hybrid is so pretty--i love your photo! and the dahlias remind me of a summer sunset.

Roan said...

Beautiful flowers, but I especially like the verbena.

i beati said...

depth of color outstanding