Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flowering Crabapple

Flowering Crabapple

Here is a quick post about a lovely crabapple tree blooming at the house we are working on right now. The tree is full size and has been pruned to shape over the years. It has a slightly different flower color than most crabs being a little pink and a little pastel. Overall when you look at the tree it gives a nice pink radiance with a hint of red from the emerging foliage. Later the leaves turn all green.

Crabapple flowers here can be ruined by heavy rain but we haven’t had any of that for months, so they are having a great year. None of the buds got any winter damage either so it has been a banner season for them.

It is the first Saturday at work for this season. We are working on a stone outdoor fire pit that has to be done by Thursday.

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