Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fox Tongue Melastoma

Fox Tongue Melastoma
Melastoma sanguineum
(mel-LAS-toh-muh) (san-GWIN-ee-um)

This shrub was spotted in Central Florida blooming with abandon in the middle of winter. It was new to me and it must have been fascinating because I took about 12 exposures of it. It was growing in the Tropical Stream Garden at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando. I was just sitting remembering my afternoon there and how beautiful everything was. It got down to 36 degrees (F) last night here and we have another freeze warning for tonight. A frost warning would be a lot more welcome as it seems a little late for heavy freezes at this point. Oh well I will just pick up the pieces afterwards and move on.

Melastoma is considered invasive in some areas and grows into a large, broad shrub. It likes shady (out of the sun) and moist well drained soil. The evergreen foliage is quite nice as well.

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