Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pink Climbing Rose

Climbing Rose

This unknown Pink Climbing rose is from last year. The roses seem a little slow this year and an inspection at the big rose garden revealed some late frost damage. It is still getting really cold here at night and that isn’t encouraging the roses to grow. This clear pink climber sure was a star in the garden and hopefully this year it will be the same. The farm has a large collection of climbing roses and they seem to be almost biennial in their blooming habit. They bloom every year but seem to have more flowers every other year. I do not believe they are modern roses, which may contribute to their blooming cycles.

Today is the last day on a large masonry project we have been working on the last two weeks and it has been exhausting. It is a large circular stone outdoor fire pit and it is really testing my skills to the max. The big party starts on Friday so everything has to be ready at the end of today. I also have band practice and that usually goes late so I probably won’t be worth much tomorrow. We booked a couple of local gigs for June and July and there is still some work to be done before we are really ready. Learning this song has been giving me fits:

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