Monday, April 09, 2012

Moroccan Daisy

Moroccan Daisy
Rhodanthemum hosmariense
(ro-DAN-thee-mum) (hos-mar-ee-EN-see)
Synonyms: Chrysanthemum hosmariense, Leucanthemum hosmariense

This is a nice little daisy that holds the dainty flowers above it’s finely cut and silver foliage. It is hardy to +15 degrees F and often blooms in the winter. It can bloom during the summer but not as heavily. Considered a sub-shrub Rhodanthemum is a short (4 to 12 inches tall) spreading plant that can form a dense mat. It has average water needs and is easy to grow.

We are off to Manhattan today to tend to the gardens downtown. it is super windy here in Connecticut and I can only think that wind will be amplified as we head into the concrete canyons of New York City.


Unknown said...

I enjoy all daisies....have a safe trip!

Sympathy Flowers said...

It's a awesome post.

Ruby said...

I love daisies :)