Friday, April 13, 2012

Mellow Yellow Spirea

Mellow Yellow Spirea
Spiraea thunbergii 'Ogon'
(spy-REE-ah) (thun-BERG-ee-eye)

This shrub is forming a nice patch after being transplanted around the yard several times. Every move has set it back a little bit but I think it has finally found it’s home and is happy. The white flowers are set off nicely against the bright golden foliage this time of year. Later the foliage color fades a little but still provides a great gold accent in the border.

Well I am all set for my gig on Saturday thanks to Chris at Hot Rod 6 Strings. He has been working on my guitars for years and I have always wanted to buy one of his custom guitars since such care and love goes into their creation. Maybe some day but for now he is providing expert help on the modification and set up of my dusty old guitars. He is the first person to take the neck off my 1957 Fender and found it dated 5-57 (all old Fenders are dated on the neck and electronics). He set up the whammy bar, which is more technically known as a tremolo arm. It's a fun part of an electric guitar that is a metal lever attached to the bridge of an electric guitar, used to vary the pitch of a played note. He also redid the electronics on my new guitar adding a tone control and toggle switch for selecting the pickups. Everything was done great at a fair price and in my quick time frame.