Saturday, April 14, 2012

Red Barberry

Red Barberry
Berberis sp.

Normally I don’t like posting invasive species on this blog but the red version of this plant doesn’t seem to be a heavy seeder. This is not one of the nice horticultural types of Red Barberry but it is in the garden so I have to deal with it. The yellow flowers are really small and usually hidden amongst the leaves and thorns but this one was standing out on the top of the plant. Red Barberry can provide a nice foliage color during the season and in autumn they often look nice with a mixture of red, orange and yellow fall colors.


Ruby said...

This flower looks very different from the usual flowers. very pretty.

i beati said...

Contrast is phenomenal love this sandy

Kanak said...

Not a plant I'm familiar with. The colours are beautiful!!