Friday, May 11, 2012

Daylily Seedling

Daylily Seedling

This photo is from my personal collection of Daylily seedlings. It is one my favorites because it has good color, nice ruffled edges and is a rebloomer. Those are all good traits for a Daylily. The daylilies in my home garden have kind of grown wild now and need to be divided and hopefully sold at some point. It is a wonderful mix of plants but just like at work everything is starting to get too crowded and needs to be spilt up. Later this summer I am going to be dividing the big Daylily planting at the farm (which is all named varieties) and the owner has already consented to giving me a few of each type/color. It is a big job but well worth it.

I am on my own this weekend as Karen is off to see some old friends. On Saturday I will be purchasing the 40 replacement roses we need for the big rose garden. There were not that many losses from the winter but we have finally decided to get rid of some of the clunkers that have been limping along for the last few years. Grow or be gone :LOL: So expect some rose pictures next week.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Grow or be gone? Ooooo, you are tough. ;-)
I do like the pretty color of your daylily.

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker said...

Yellow is one of my favorite colors! I don’t think that Daylilies are common in our area. It’s very much similar to Stargazers, I think. Thanks for sharing!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Janet, I guess that is a little harsh but some of these roses have had many, many years of slacking off under a multitude of conditions.