Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bloomingdale Ranunculus

Persian Buttercup
Ranunculus 'Bloomingdale Special Mix'
(ra-NUN-ku-lus) (a-see-AT-ee-kus)
Synonyms: Turban Buttercup, Persian Crowfoot

On the chance of being boring here is another Ranunculus flower. After seeing this plant blooming in California and now here in Connecticut we decided to plant some. The local wholesale nursery (Valley View) had this mix in 6 inch pots so I got a few of them and some Pansies. This flower came out after I got them planted and looks great. The other Ranunculus have buds but you really can’t tell what color they are. Valley View has a new website and it is way better than the old one.

The ‘Bloomingdale’ strain comes in the mix and also different shades like Lavender, White, Rose and many others. This is considered a dwarf, growing 8 to 10 inches tall. It has smaller foliage and the flowers are a little larger than the species. The series was introduced by Sakata Seed in 1983. It’s funny that I am just getting around to trying them now.

Here is one the Pansies that are planted with the Ranunculus in a couple of really big pots. I used some dark purple and primrose colored pansies, too. Still working on pictures of those, if you get my drift. These Ranunculus better be able to withstand a little nasty weather as it is forecasted to continue to be cold.

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T and S said...

The image of the Persian Buttercup is awesome.