Thursday, April 16, 2009

Korean Abelialeaf

Korean Abelialeaf
Abeliophyllum distichum
(al-bee-lee-oh-FY-lum) (DIS-tik-um)
Synonym: White Forsythia

This plant was featured on this blog March 11, 2007. I am standing by what was posted then. This actually from the same plant, it is a reliable early bloomer.

Here is a link to an article written by Gerald Klingaman of the University of Arkansas about White Forsythia. From it I learned this “White Flower Farm of Litchfield, Conn., introduced the white forsythia to American gardeners in 1955”. They have a great garden at the farm. The article describes the founding of the business, which is an interesting story. I do shop there sometimes but generally only the sales. Last year we bought a bunch of Lilies there and I am anticipating a good show from them this spring.

This picture is just the buds and in my mind very late (this year) in coming out. See the previous post or the linked article to see the flower actually blooming.

We are on our extended hours at work. I hope to keep up this site. There certainly some flowers coming out.


Les said...

I love the fragrance on this plant. Keep posting, people read you but may not always comment. I have entered my 6 day work week schedule and it is hard to get to everything that needs to be done on one day off.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Les, thanks for the encouragement. I am going to really try to keep going because if I am not blogging I wouldn't be out there shooting.

AL Victor said...

i love magnolia flowers even all the flowers too.