Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boat Orchid

Boat Orchid
CymbidiumCrescent Tears
Orchidaceae (or-kid-AY-see-ee)

This Orchid was introduced in 1997. It is a cross between Cym. ‘Lady Mini’ and Cym. ‘Lucky Flower’. The color was an interesting yellow and the red on the tongue added just the right amount of punch to the color scheme.

Here is a Wikipedia link to more about Cymbidium

I found the Orchid picture as I was cleaning off some memory cards. This next picture was one of 68 photos shot with the Coolpix 8400 while we were in California. I had completely forgot about that camera. This was taken up the coast a little at Solana Beach.


misti said...

Been awhile so I thought I'd drop by. Love the cymb! I had one that bloomed two years in a row for me, then nada for the next three. Hopefully next year!

SandyCarlson said...

I would love to transport myself to that beach--and smell the flowers you saw in that neighborhood across the continent.