Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today’s Flower – Half a Dozen Orchids

Today’s Flower – Half a Dozen Orchids
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Wilsonara Tiger BrewPacific Holiday
Parentage: Oda. Memoria Rudolf Pabst x Odcdm. Tiger Hambuhr

This Orchid had incredibly vivid colors. The shape of the flower was pleasant too. This picture came out as more of an abstract of the flower but at least you get to the color.

Beallara MarfitchHoward’s Dream
Parentage: Miltassia Charles M. Fitch x Odontioda Fremar
Pretty big flowers in a really good spray. The colors are a bit muted but it was still charming.

Burrageara Stefan Isler 'Dos Pinhos'
Vuylstekeara Edna x Oncidium leucochilum

Very nice shade of orangey-red. Easy to grow.

Pretty sure this is Colmanara Wildcat 'Green Valley'

Dendrobium x delicatum

Quite a strange spike of flowers. Most of the flowers were only partially open and that is maybe why it looked odd. This Orchid was once it’s own species but now is considered to be a wild hybrid. It lives on cliffs and rocks and occasionally trees. Native to Australia it grows up to altitudes of 3,000 feet.



Absolutely amazing flowers - and incredibel shots! The last one is really unusual - and gorgeous!

Love them all!

msdewberry said...

Oh my gosh, orchids are amazing flowers. Just gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

These flowers are so unusual, and gorgeous! I love all the amazing color combinations.

Arija said...

Orchids are not easy to photograph. I like the last one like a baby stretching its arms up to be picked up.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful!


amanda said...

Love your orchids, the lighting is striking!

T and S said...

WOW, that such a pleasing series. I particularly liked the macro shots of the orchids.

Tulip said...

lovely orchid flowers. thanks for sharing.