Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice Early Spring Daffodil

Nice Early Spring Daffodil

Yesterday was finally a nice spring day and these Daffodils were certainly adding to the flavor of it. This is one of the earliest blooming Daffodils at the Estate. It has really multiplied. I can’t remember the name of this cultivar but am pretty sure it is ‘Ice Follies’ or some variation of it. That would explain the different cup colors as this Daffodil’s cup fades from yellow to white.

While searching for the name I came across this page by Debra Teachout-Teashon:

She says “in 1953 plant breeders Konynenburg & Mark introduced the early season, large-cupped daffodil Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’. The flowers are funnel-shaped and the cup is one-third the size less then the petals. I grew these for many years and they are one of my favorite daffodils to grow, especially because they naturalize freely and come back for years in the garden.” She has some nice pictures of ‘Ice Follies’. My patch is more ragged and unkempt then hers. The Rainy Side Gardeners site is interesting. I have bookmarked it and want to check it out more.

These were shot using the D70s. The repair to the shutter seems to be great. It is nice to have a camera body just to throw in the truck and not worry about. That camera is built like a tank. I decided to step back a little on each shot of these series. The 60mm lens really didn’t have chance of taking a picture of the whole clump without standing in the pond. You would need a much wider lens. It was quite a nice sight seeing the big patch with the sun shining on it.

Turns out my test were good. Nothing much to worry about. I need to lose some weight :lol:


PUTUT AGUS said...

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i beati said...

i miss them where I live Sandy

joey said...

My favorite daff! Happy Easter, Chris.