Saturday, June 09, 2007

Grandiflora Rose ‘Strike It Rich’

Grandiflora Rose ‘Strike It Rich’

This is a portrait of ‘Strike It Rich’ right before it went into the garden. It is beautiful rose with a strong fragrance. I like Grandiflora roses because the flower retains some of the hybrid tea looks while often blooming in clusters. I saw that this rose can produce 5-inch flowers but the ones blooming on my plant are about 3 inches across. Maybe that will change when it gets growing in the ground. As I said yesterday it is a class of 2007 AARS winner. If your interested in the criteria for a rose to be chosen check this post.

The new roses all looked nice in their respective places in the garden. I’m sure I’ll be posting some photos during the season. This is the last day before the big Garden Party at the Estate on Sunday. I kept thinking that yesterday was Saturday and it was confusing but I finally convinced myself it was only Friday. I will be glad when it is over and I can go back to working just 50 hours a week. I am going to the party as I usually meet some interesting horticultural people. I have had 4 people this week on the crew and a couple of friends are helping me out tomorrow so that will be a full crew.

aka: WEKbepmey
Breeder: Tom Carruth, United States (2005)
U.S. Introduction: 2007 by Weeks Wholesale Roses
Petal Count: 26 to 40
Parentage: CHRiscinn × Mellow Yellow

This is Grandiflora ‘Solstice’ a 2005 introduction by Jackson & Perkins. I didn’t buy it because it is susceptible to black spot. It sure was pretty when the sun was shining on it.

aka: JACzeyel
Breeder: Dr. Keith W. Zary, United States (2002)
Petal Count: 26 to 40
Parentage: Seed: Valerie Swane × Sunbright
Pollen: Lilli Marlene × Showbiz


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just found your comment from when you posted on the Keys post at my blog. Thanks for the compliments and yes, we've considered a DSLR but unfortunately it isn't in the budget at the moment. Hopefully when bonuses come around at Christmas we'll be able to do it.

Thanks again! :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

menonita, thanks for visiting. I couldn't get your link to work though.


I know that the camera gear doesn't 'make' the photograph but it can help making a better picture. I meant what I said and think that an upgrade in equipment will help your photography. I am lucky that I have been able to finance my equipment purchases through photo jobs and print sales and I do understand the financial aspect of a big camera purchase. I often compare it to guitar playing. I have come to the point where I can sound good playing a $69 Kmart guitar but when I play a very good quality instrument I sound better and am more likely to try something that I wouldn't dream of trying on the kmart one. Having a great camera can expand your horizons a bit. If you come back could you post a link to your blog? I have seem to have lost it in the shuffle. Thanks.