Wednesday, June 06, 2007

King's Spear (Asphodelus luteus)

King's Spear
Asphodelus luteus
(as-fah-DEL-in-ee) (LOO-tee-uh)
Asphodelaceae (as-foh-del-AY-see-ay)

This is another from my trip to Wave Hill in the Bronx. It was quite a nice plant and looked good against the background of white (which looked like Snow-in-the-Summer). I have never seen this growing in Connecticut and a couple of websites listed it as a Zone 7 (USDA) plant and others said it was hardy in Zone 6. I missed two of the attributes this plant has. I was focused on the star shaped flowers and the striped buds but this plant also has beautiful grass like foliage and fragrant flowers. The flowers are also edible. I do have to pay more attention sometimes.

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