Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Old Westbury David Austin Roses

As I said yesterday Old Westbury Gardens had some interesting David Austin Roses. This was one of them. It doesn’t really show it in this picture but ‘Benjamin Britten’ is a real deep red with a touch of orange as the flower ages. It shows the red but not really the orange highlights. This rose has a great fragrance and a flower that has a deep cup. The plants had nice foliage and were in heavy bloom. Introduced in 2001 by David Austin with a varietal name of AUSencart. Named after the famous English composer, conductor and pianist Benjamin Britten.

This one is Graham Thomas. Named after the British hortculturist Graham Stuart Thomas. It is one of the nicest yellow roses I have ever seen. It has such a deep and warm color when in bud. It can be used as a climber but these were being grown as a shrub rose. Again the plant was loaded with blooms and the flowers had a strong tea fragrance. It appeared to be a vigorous plant with deep green foliage. It was bred by David Austin from Charles Austin X Iceberg seedling and was introduced in 1983.

Varietal name: 'Ausmas'

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RUTH said...

Oh I wish scratch and sniff worked on computers; I bet the scent from this post would be heavenly.