Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nikon D80 Flower Shots

Nikon D80 Flower Shots

A couple of Sundays ago I borrowed my wife’s D80 and stopped by work to shoot a few pictures. It was a dreary day and the light wasn’t great but the camera did pretty well with the color. I usually use a D70s and I know what that camera is going do in a given situation so this was a little bit of adventure getting use to the color and auto focus system. This first picture is a small pocket of White Primula that is growing near one of the ponds. Out of several thousand Primrose there were only about 12 white ones and only in this area.

The second picture is Wine and Roses Weigela (Weigela florida 'Alexandra'). It is a nice plant that adds beauty not only with its dark reddish/brown foliage but also with its pink flowers. The foliage almost as a metallic appearance when it is new. I use this plant a lot and found it to reliable and interesting. I forget which Japanese Maple that is in the background but it is a beauty and adds a bit a contrast to this photo.

This photo is of ‘Abraham Darby’ a David Austin Rose. I am posting it because it was just so super spectacular this season. I read that this rose is suppose to apricot but can be pink with yellow highlights. Mine certainly falls into the latter category. At one time it had about 50 or 60 flowers on it. After that it bounced back nicely and rebloomed quickly. It has a nice scent and the bush appears to be disease resistant.

Today is my first Saturday off in a long time and of course I am going out for a few pictures. I guess I will wander towards New York but don’t have a set agenda in mind.

To sum it up briefly the D80 appears to be a very nice camera that shoots a nice big picture. I really need to use it more before I can say more. I really have my eye on a D200 but it will be a while before I upgrade. These pictures were shot with the 60mm Nikkor-Micro lens.


Carol Michel said...

I'd say you did quite well with this camera.

And I love a day without a set agenda. I hope you enjoyed it!

RUTH said...

Another lovely set of photographs. Now I'm becoming such a photoholic I'd love to upgrade my camera....shall have to keep my fingers crossed for a lottery win! Have a great day.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I loved my Saturday off. What a concept :lol: The D80 is a great camera.
remember you need to buy a ticket to win. I am lucky I have financed my gear through photo jobs and print sales.

Ki said...

Great shots with the D80. The focus of the white pimulas seems a little fuzzy around the yellow autofocus problem? Would you gain a lot by buying the D200 over the D80? Me I'm looking at a Hasselblad H3D-39 39 million pixels in case I win the lottery. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have an Abraham Darby also, and I love it! It blooms like crazy and smells wonderful. Mine, though, is more a peachy pink.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sorry I didn't see your comments before. The autofocus system is one of the things that I would have to get used to with the D80. It is way more precise then the D70. The D200 is a little larger (better for me) and has a magnesium body which is more durable. Good luck on the 'blad if you wait 20 or 30 years the price may come down to an affordable level.