Thursday, June 14, 2007

Miniature Roses

Miniature Rose

I am not sure which variety of miniature rose this is. About 15 years ago I bought about 50 mini roses and the tags have long since gone missing, as did some of the roses. Quite a few have survived and even thrived. I had my camera at work yesterday but only managed to take this picture, as the light wasn’t great. As a matter of fact it rained most of the day and was a like a typical English summer day. This rose was only 6 inches tall so rather than get down of the wet ground to take its picture I plucked a few flowers and set them on the stone.

I was hoping things at work would calm down but it doesn’t look that way now. Everything is getting an extra spurt of growth with this rain and cool temperatures so I have had to run around and do some pruning to keep the walks and paths open. I went to another garden I take care of and it needs a lot of work, as things have again gotten overgrown. The more you prune things the more that encourages them to grow.

Here is another one from the Estate's extensive Viburnum collection.


Ki said...

do you know the name of the Viburnums blooming now?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

If it is a big one try Linden Viburnum (V. dilatatum ).