Friday, March 02, 2012

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa 'Double Delight'
Synonym: ANDel

This rose is one of my all time favorites. I am talking stranded on desert island type of flower. The shading and shape of the flower is almost perfect as is the fragrance and general grace of the plant. It can get disease but for the most part it is an easy rose to grow. Did I just say that about a Hybrid Tea rose? :lol:

Here are a few facts about ‘Double Delight’:
Origin: A.E. & A.W. Ellis/ Herbert C. Swim, US, 1977
Introduction: Jackson and Perkins
Petal Count: Double. 17-25
Fragrance: Strong
Parentage: 'Granada' × 'Garden Party'
Synonyms: Andeli
All-American Rose Selection 1977

Is anyone else happy it is March? Spring looms off in the close shadows and is full of promise. March didn’t really come in like a lion it kind of limped in. We are expecting 60 degrees F. here tomorrow. With that kind of action there will be Snowdrops and Daffodils out soon.

This picture is a bit of an anomaly here as it was shot with the D70s and the Sigma F2.8-4 DC Macro lens. The lens is really deep back up and is probably the only lens in my bag that I don’t really like. The other Sigma lenses (28-200, 24mm/1.8) in the bag are fine but there is something about the 17-70 that just isn’t great. It is a lens that I regret buying in hindsight.


i beati said...

what a miracle

Maude said...

Double delight has always been one of my favorite roses. The smell is just amazing and I have 3 of them growing in my backyard.