Monday, March 19, 2012

Swan River Daisy

Swan River Daisy

This Australian flower is one of my favorite daisies and I really hope they become more popular and easier to purchase. This is more what the straight species looks like and over the last couple of years different varieties have been kind of creeping into the market. The newer ones have more of mauve color scheme and larger flowers.

Truth be told we have never used this plant for bedding displays. We have grown many in containers and they have always done well often hanging on to the last day of the season. It is always nice to have some daisies that aren't white.

It is a little weird for me, as I don't want anything musical right now. My sound is really where I want it to be with the addition of the new/old Fender Twin. I guess I still want that 1962 Stratocaster but that isn't going to be happening soon. I started saving for it about 5 years ago but the price increases have far outstripped my ability to save. The price of the guitar has doubled but my savings haven't. :lol: I am not going to say how much it is but right now it is under $50,000. Just got to keep trying to get it and not dip into the fund for its acquisition.

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Elizabeth Sayers said...

That is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen! I love the colour. It is an great picture!