Friday, March 23, 2012

Glory Bush

Glory Bush
Tibouchina lepidota 'Ecuador Princess'
(tib-OO-kee-nuh) (lep-PID-oh-tuh)

This flower certainly has a rich purple color. It was much different from the Tibouchinas we usually grow, which have kind of a more washed out magenta purple flower. The flower contrasted nicely with the glossy, skinny foliage. This plant is hardy to USDA Zone 8 and is more compact growing than most Tibouchina. The final size of 2-4 feet tall and wide makes it suitable for container cultivation.

Well it has been glorious to be outside and have the miracle of spring washing over me. The daffodils, crocus, cherry trees, and even the magnolias are starting to blossom. All you gardeners know what I am speaking of. The smell of decay in the garden has been replaced with a much more pleasant smell.

He smelled cold water and cold intrepid green. Those early flowers smelled like cold water. Their fragrence was not the still perfume of high summer; it was the smell of cold, raw green.
Paul Harding


Esteve Gallardo said...


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Saw one of these on one of my Master Gardener trips. Very pretty. Borderline hardy here in SC.
Nanci with Waylon? That was a while ago. First time I saw Nanci it was with John Prine. Another super concert.

Elizabeth Sayers said...

I love the colour! Very pretty!

Ruby said...

This flowers is a real beauty!