Monday, July 02, 2012

Royal Red Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush
Buddleia davidii ‘Royal Red’
(BUD-lee-uh) (duh-VID-ee-eye)
Synonyms: Buddleja davidii, Orange-eye Butterfly Bush

I am not sure why this is called ‘Royal Red’ because it is more purple then anything else. So far the Butterfly Bushes have been doing well this season and living up to their reliable reputation. While pruning some nearby Japanese Hollies this specimen was overwhelming me with its fragrance. There didn’t appear to be too many butterflies hovering around it and in general our butterfly population seems a little low this year.

We had a dwarf Butterfly Bush that I pulled out of someone’s house and it was left down by the garage and the other morning I noticed a couple of butterflies feeding on it. I was able to catch and release one.

It is easy to tell it's a new month as new folders have to be made to store this blogs files. Happy July!

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