Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart
Dicentra 'Candy Hearts'

This new Dicentra has really been holding up well during the heat waves and we had actually planned for it to go dormant during the summer. This plant is a hybrid of Dicentra peregrina and the old garden stalwart Dicentra eximia, which after series of seedlings gave us ‘Candy Hearts’. It seems a lot of the best traits from both parents were retained with a splash of hybrid vigor. The foliage is just beautiful too. It’ a nice mix of shape and color and is worth growing on its own. This picture is not my most famous moment with a camera and I wish I had taken a couple more shots with a little more setup. Here it is anyway and you can the foliage is nice looking and it is a bit more powdery blue in the garden.

Last night I watched the movie, Marley on the Palladia HD channel.   It was riveting to me and feel a little affected today. It is quite a story cumulating in his 1981 death of cancer at 36 years old. He seemed like a much more complicated character then I remember of his public self. I might even buy the DVD (shocking, I know). I love watching Palladia. They have all sorts of concerts and types of music.

Since it is Sunday here is the traditional Sunday Snapshot, although this rose really deserves a post on its own.

Large Flowered Climbing Rose
Rosa ‘Don Juan’

I like roses that are sure what color they are and this one knows it  is red. A deep, rich red. The color combined with the strong scent and habit make it a truly great rose.

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