Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Variegated Kousa Dogwood


Variegated Kousa Dogwood
Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'
(KOR-nus) (KOO-sa)

These pictures are from last year. It was the first year that ‘Gold Star’ has had any blooms. That is my fault as the tree is planted in heavy shade. Even with the shaded location this tree has become a graceful and handsome subject and even without flowers the foliage alone makes it worth growing. It has been planted for about 10-12 years and gotten up to about 12 feet high by 8 feet wide. It does get once a year pruning to maintain the shape and get any stragglers but that is probably not even necessary. This tree is a nice accent and seems to be small enough to fit into a corner or small space in the garden.

 Group shot of Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'

I need to take a moment and complain about our Border Collie dog. She is just too smart for her own good. Now she has figured out how to open the interior doors in the house. She simply walks up to it and head butts it in precisely the right spot to have the door fly open with a big noise. She then proudly marches in the room to investigate what you are doing. Yesterday she came into my office with a great flourish and knocked over three guitars at once (you should have heard that sound :lol:) Another thing she has learned to do and I think he is teaching her Siberian Husky cohort this trick is to open the cabinet where the garbage is stored. I tightened up the latch but since it is double cabinet she simply uses the other door and reaches around to get what she wants. I certainly have met less smart people.

For the first time in a long time no wordless Wednesday on Tuesday. Have a great day.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous blooms on the dogwood.. I love the story about your dog, how adorable.

Felicia said...

Nice white “Gold Star” flowers! I always love visiting your site every day whenever I can, as I get to learn new kinds of flowers.

Your Border Collie is very smart. We have a dog that’s also very mischievous but in a way, he’s quite smart as well.