Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gilded Grape Wishbone Flower

Wishbone Flower
Torenia fournieri 'Catalina Gilded Grape'
(tor-EN-ee-uh) (for-NEER-eye)
Synonyms: Bluewings, Dancat266

This was a new flower for me. Of course I am familiar with Wishbone Flower but this looked so different that didn’t even cross my mind until close inspection. Its not new to the market (introduced in 2008) but Torenia has never been real popular around here. I have very limited experience growing Wishbone Flower and only in containers. The velvety blue and purple are eye catching and fun to have.

This color combination was a little odd to me at first but the more I looked at the several flats sitting together the more I liked it. They have a trailing habit and were trying to exhibit that in the pots. It is a nice flower for shady somewhat moist locations. It is heat tolerant and gives good color throughout the summer.

Since I feel a little guilty about not posting yesterday (out late rehearsing) here is an extra picture. Normally I wouldn’t have taken this picture because the plant is just a wild growing weed but the light was nice and the super washed out color attracted me.

Morning Glory
Ipomoea sp.

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