Monday, August 20, 2012

Canna Lily

Canna Lily
Canna x generalis
(KAN-uh) (jen-er-RAY-liss)

We are once again enjoying having some Cannas in the garden, well in containers actually. This one (sorry it came without a name) has been really cheery and bright up against the white house walls. The foliage is good and has a nice pattern of gold stripes. More than half the fun in cultivating these plants are in the leaves although I have noticed that the newer varieties seem to be very good at self cleaning and don’t really need deadheading. We do continually groom these particular specimens just because of their central location.

The country fair was interesting yesterday. Erika had a good time seeing all the animals and riding the various rides. I enjoyed the Border Collie demonstration and the tractor pulls. The musical entertainment was a little lacking and there should have been a couple of bands. We had a good time and there will probably be a few pictures coming up this week.

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