Monday, August 27, 2012

Floribunda Rose ‘Honey Perfume’

Floribunda Rose ‘Honey Perfume’
 Parentage: Seedling × 'Amber Queen'
Petal Count: 25-40
Introduction: 2004
Height: 42 inches
Synonyms: JACarque

This rose went from a ‘meh’ to a ‘thank goodness I have got it’ in one year. It has been in the garden ever since I took over stewardship of it five years ago. This year ‘Honey Perfume’ has been outstanding and really living up to its name. It is one of the best smelling roses in the garden.

Rose gardening always seems need a bit of luck to be blended into getting a beautiful show. The weather, insect populations, watering and spray cycles all have to combine in a wonderfully cosmic way in order for the endeavor to be successful. Choosing the right varieties is an important first step in the process but quite often we are reduced to getting what they have and not what we want. Buying roses has become a bit of a game around these parts. You have to time your purchases just right. Several changes on the wholesale rose market have further tightened supplies. The emergence of the landscape roses like ‘Knockout’ has really affected the hybrid tea and floribunda sales.

Here is a full shot of the ‘Honey Perfume’ goodness. Both of these shots were taken with the D70s back up camera and 60mm/2.8 macro lens.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Very pretty rose and if it is fragrant, a bonus!

maheshkumar said...

this is very nice rose and i like it
thanks for share your website good website for flowers purpose.

Felicia said...

I love roses! Actually, I only get to smell red and white roses. I’ve never had a Floribunda Rose “Honey Perfume” before, so I’m really curious as to how it smells like! Great photo as always!