Thursday, August 09, 2012

New Hybrid Coreopsis

Coreopsis 'Salsa'

This flower is new for 2012 and it is stunning. It wouldn’t be summer around here if a couple of new Coreopsis didn’t come out. The color is super rich on this compact hybrid from breeder Darrell Probst. ‘Salsa’ is part of the new Coloropsis series, which is a funny play on words but delivers a colorful punch. The first thing you will notice is the really deep colored burgundy eye. It goes nicely with the yellow fringe on the petals. Previously some of these new hybrids have been rated to Zone 5 for hardiness but it was soon discovered that they were really hardy to Zone 7 (much warmer than 5). This one is rated for Zone 5 but only time will tell if that is true. We don’t have any problem growing the ‘normal’ Coreopsis is in Zone 6 and hopefully this one will follow suit.

Yesterday was a tough day at work. We were working on the big farm when the lone pony decided to try and break out of his stall. It didn’t end well for him and it was sad. I will omit the gory details of what happened but it wasn’t pretty.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Nice color, my Coreopsis have been eaten to a nub this summer. Maybe will try a different variety next summer.

Christine said...

Thanks for this photo. I have coreopsis that re-seed all over my yard and for some reason, this summer, the name eluded me. Don't laugh. :-)