Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coelogyne Orchid

Coelogyne flaccida
(koh-el-LAW-jin-ee) (FLA-sih-duh)

Very rushed morning here today. Over nothing really but we are trying to get out the local fair. This picture is from one of the two flash cards that are now found. This one has been missing since spring and was presumed lost a long time ago. Among the photos are the 2012 New York Orchid Show so there will be some Orchid pictures coming up this week.

Today's Orchid didn't have much information about it on the Internet but it was remarkable in the long, pendulous spikes that were just loaded with flowers. I don't remember it but these flowers are fragrant. What I do remember thinking was the petals kind of looked fleshy and alive. Coelogyne flaccida is native to mountain forests in northern India through south China. It enjoys cool to cold growing conditions.

Since it is Sunday here is another tropical flower. This flower seems more truncated then the outdoor growing types. This particular vine is a year round resident in the NYBG Conservatory.

Red Jade Vine
Mucuna bennetti


Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I love the orchids -- I go every year to the local orchid society show and love it --

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker said...

Orchids really fascinate me as most of them usually do not have much leaves but its flowers are very beautiful and most of them are very fragrant! Thanks for sharing this nice Coelogyne pic!