Monday, May 14, 2007

Camassia (Camassia leichtlinii)

Camassia leichtlinii
(kuh-MAS-ee-uh) (leekt-LIN-ee-eye)

Wow I have a full plate today, I am going to try and finish a job in Darien today but realistically I probably won’t finish until noon tomorrow. I have to pick someone up at Newark Airport around 10 pm tonight. I had better get a nap when I get home. At least I finished everything I wanted to around the house yesterday.

Today’s plant is one of the few bulbs I know that will grow in a wet area. The flowers are lovely as are the buds and foliage. My little group of a hundred has multiplied over and over again through the years. Since I don’t have much time this morning here is a Wikipedia link to Camassia.

Synonyms: Camas, Quamash, Indian Hyacinth, and Wild Hyacinth


Diane Dehler said...

These are delicate and the color gorgeous. I never saw a picture of wild hyacinth before. I like it better than the usual sort.

Ki said...

We have a long wet area where I wanted to plant some Camassia but for some reason hesitated from doing so. Your pictures have inspired me to buy some as soon as I convert this area into a small dry stream bed. Wonderful photos as usual, great lighting in the bud photo.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I guess sometimes the wild version is better.

I would highly recommend trying the Camassia. I have gotten years of enjoyment from mine. The little variegated type is just okay. I am sure you have been through having it look nicer in the catalog before.

Ki said...

The pictures in the catalogs are always beautiful. You wonder if you bought the right plant when it blooms. I'll have to check out the different types of Camassia before I buy though it seems there are not too many to choose from.