Saturday, May 12, 2007

Inside a Foxglove Flower

I guess every gardener knows what a Foxglove is. This is a slightly different view of the inside of the flower. I grew a batch from seed last year and only one white one came out of several hundred. It is a classic flower that I gat requests for all the time. It is however a biennial and that requires keeping after them if you want them every year.

I had to do some emergency gardening yesterday if you can believe that one. One of my customers called me and told me that a party of 150-200 people was going to happen at her house today. I had her work scheduled for next week. Her husband is on a reality TV show right now and this party is part of his task so not only was it a party but they were going to be filming it. Since the show is still in production I can’t say anything about it but it was fun seeing the film crews running around interviewing his wife and mother and kids. I hope he wins, as I couldn’t think of anyone that deserves it more. This couple are some of the kindest and sweetest people I know.

Just a word of warning to Connecticut and Westchester county gardeners, I have been bit by two ticks this season already. The first one was in the back and the second one I discovered yesterday. It bit me in a sensitive area of the chest (it begins with ‘n’, ends with ‘e’ and has two ‘p’s in the middle). I don’t think the whole thing came out so I am going to have to go to the doctor after work today. It is painful every time my shirt rubs up against it. This last bite was the first time I hadn’t sprayed my boots and pant legs with Deep Woods Off for a month. It seems like a bad tick season. For gardeners lucky enough not to know what these insects are here is a link:
Of course now all I feel is things crawling all over me.


Mark said...

Hi, I'm glad then the only thing we have to worry about is midgies i can only think of one place more painful than your ni@@@e.
Cracking pictures again ,love the frog.
Cheers Mark

Carol Michel said...

Good close up. I am not clicking on that link to see what a tick looks like. I know what a tick looks like and they are gross. Thankfully, we don't have too many around here unless you go through a field or woods. I've never seen one in my garden.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Mark, :lol: This was painful enough I can't imagine that other place.

carol, thanks for leaving a comment. You are lucky not to have too many ticks. The garden I was working in has both fields and woods beside the garden areas so I might have picked it up there. Now I know what my poor pooches go through.

Ki said...

Wonderful macro of the foxglove. Like a temple altar.

Hope it wasn't a deer tick.