Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles 'Cameo')

Flowering Quince
Chaenomeles 'Cameo'

Flowering Quince isn’t a very showy shrub for most of the year but for a couple of weeks they really do look nice. ‘Cameo’ is an improvement over the other Quince (which I think is a Cydonia) on the property, which I swear sometimes only has leaves for 3 months out of the year. I am also growing ‘Jet Trail’ which has a white flower. The color on ‘Cameo’ flowers is really nice and the foliage is a good glossy green. This Quince is planted in a real hard luck spot and has done well. When I was at Wave Hill they had two or three really dark red Quince in bloom and I thought to myself that any plant that color could always find a spot in my garden.

I thought this picture was fun. It is of a little patch of Phlox subulata which I featured on March 15th.

It was so hopelessly covered with flowers and when the sun was sun shining on it looked as though someone had plugged it in. ‘Candy Stripe’ Phlox was also blooming. Not with the abandon that the violet one was but still covered with flowers. It does not seem to make as pincushion of a shape.

I am finishing up a garden in Pound Ridge today. We just cleaned everything up and mulched it. I had to do some transplanting which I had put off a couple years with predictable results. I will be able to scratch a garden off my to-do list.


Ki said...

Chris, I haven't seen a Japanese quince with that peachy color before. Must be an arresting sight in spring.

David (Snappy) said...

That made me smile too, about plugging in the Phlox.It is strikingly violet coloured with the sun on it!
The Candy stripe ones look good enough to eat.Very delicate patterned petals.the centre is almost bullseye target like.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hello Ki, It really is a nice color and it matches perfectly the interior colors of the customer's house (the Mrs.'s favorite colors) so it worked out well.
snappy, I took another picture of Candy Stripe with a lot more flowers and I ended up staring at the monitor for awhile looking at all the different shading.