Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pink Mountain Silverbell

Pink Mountain Silverbell
Halesia tetraptera 'Rosea'
(HAYLZ-ee-uh) (tet-ra-TER-uh)

You don’t see too many Mountain Silverbell Trees in Connecticut let alone the pink form. So it was a special treat to see this at a house I was visiting. I am not sure why Sliverbell Trees are not more popular as I have enjoyed the culture of my specimen of Halesia carolina.
You’ll see that there are several disputes of the naming of this plant in this
Wikipedia article.

This is shot of Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'. It is quite a striking tree even if it is a Norway Maple, which is not my favorite. Although, I do love my dwarf red-leaved Norway ‘Crimson Sentry’. This is what happens when you just stick your camera inside a tree and take a shot. I was hoping to capture some of the limey/gold glow that was radiating from this tree. Not for everybody but it would be a nice color accent in the garden.

I going to be having some short posts for a little while. We have moved to 11-hour workdays to try and clear some of this spring backlog. It is a clear case of being careful for what you wish for. The older I get the more it takes out of me. I am not too worried because soon it will be summer and fall after that.


Mark said...

Hi, another two good ones today,articually the leaves so many shapes and colours. I have added your link to my blog , would you like to exchange.
Cheers Mark

Freddie L Sirmans, Sr. said...

Just browsing, very interesting.

Diane Dehler said...

I nominated you for a "meme" five reasons why I blog. If you like to play tag, you would answer the questions in a post and link to my meme post. Thought it might bring you some new visitors to your visually, stunning space.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Mark, thanks for visiting. I'll need a couple of days to link to your blog.

Princess, I am not sure of the process but will give it a try.