Monday, February 18, 2008

Forest Lily

Forest Lily
Veltheimia bracteata
(velt-HIME-ee-uh) (brak-tee-AY-tuh)
Synonyms: Sand Onion (sandui), Winter Red Hot Poker

Here is a USDA Zone 9b plant that I wasn’t familiar with till I saw it at Planting Fields Arboretum. It is actually a bulb that does well in pots on a windowsill, shady patio or in the greenhouse. It likes bright light without direct sun. Outside it likes a shady or semi-shady location with rich soil. It can tolerate light frost and is often semi-evergreen. Once planted the bulbs should not be disturbed.

There are two different species in Veltheimia after a consolidation of three species into Veltheimia bracteata. The other species is the closely related V. capensis, which also had a couple of species added to it. There is a cultivar available called 'Lemon Flame'. The flowers are a light green-yellow color.


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alicesg said...

Wow this plant is very unique. Very lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is so truly breath-taking. Thank you.

Aisha said...

Weird looking plant but so beautiful!