Monday, February 25, 2008

Squash Blossom

Squash Blossom

While archiving the photos of my trip to the Queens Botanical garden this fall I came across a few photos that I am posting today. I was at the garden on September 8th, which I guess you could call late summer. It will be fun to see if the construction is done when I return this year. It is an great garden and if you are interested you can read my previous post on the trip and my impressions.

This sign was out in front of the Senior Garden and when I saw it I couldn’t help but think that is a way a lot of gardeners feel about their garden.

Since it has come to my attention, through the web statistics, that a lot of people are visiting because I mentioned that there was a wedding at the garden the day that I went. Here is a picture for those people. The wedding area is closed off from the rest of the garden and looked beautiful from over the fence. I guess this was a little voyeuristic of me to shoot a couple of pictures but the bride was beautiful, radiant really, and the violin player and crowd was something that that begged a few snaps.

Here is a link to the wedding page of the Queens Botanical Garden for those interested:
click here
You can easily navigate to the garden’s home page from there.

I am posting late since I had to take Molly to the doctor. She is coming back well from the surgery but the diagnosis of her tumor was bad. We are investigating some treatment options for her now but it doesn’t look good.

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