Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dahlia Festival 2008 – Day Seven - Final Day

Dahlia Festival 2008 – Day Seven
Final Day

This is going to wrap up the Digital Flower 2008 Dahlia Festival. There are still plenty of Dahlia pictures left but I want to move on to some other plants and flowers. I hope you enjoyed the Dahlias and the pictures showed a little bit of the variations of color and flower shape that are available in the Dahlia genus. There are over 50,000 cultivars so there is quite a bit of exploring left to do. I hope the festival was worth the price of admission.

The first Dahlia is ‘Kidd’s Climax’ which was featured on the full flower day. The second is two views of ‘Kenora Charmer’. It is a very nice Ball Dahlia. The Ball Dahlias really grew on me this season. The compactness of the flower is wonderful especially when viewed close up. Not as showy as some of the larger types but elegant and beautiful in their own way.

The third Dahlia, ‘Camano Pet’, has also been on this space before. I found it to be very photogenic. The last Dahlia is a named cultivar but I can’t seem to find the name. It sure is a pretty Cactus type. The red and white combination is one of my favorite in the garden.

Thanks for visiting. I would like to take a moment to thank all the people that visit this site on a regular basis. You have done a lot to inspire me to try and take better pictures.

If you want to see some of my other Dahlia photography you can click the Dahlia tag below this post.

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