Saturday, September 13, 2008

Double Pink Knockout Rose

This is my favorite Knockout Rose, so far. The flowers seem to have a little more body and the color is a perfect pink for a rose. Knockout Roses seems to becoming more and more popular and after growing them for awhile I can see why. They have an interesting story and their own website. Here is a quote from the breeder. I like his line of thinking.

"Despite the great possibilities for failure, the burdensome work, and the lack of glamour, my hobby became a passion. Even with successes, it didn't take me long to realize that growing roses would be more fun if it entailed less work."
William Radler

knockout rose dot com

There is also a Knockout Rose Photo Contest that runs through October 31st. With a look at some of the entries I don’t think I will be entering.

Yesterday I was doing some pruning and clean up at a house in Pound Ridge. It is a nice garden but had a few open spaces. The owner decided he wanted to plant a few things and I suggested Double Pink Knockout Roses for one area. When I got to the nursery they had them and they looked great so I got 8 and planted them then the rain came. It really poured here in the late afternoon. We got three quarters of inch fairly fast.

This is a Tuberous Begonia called ‘Lancelot’ from White Flower Farm.

I am off to the ferry to Long Island to buy some perennials at the huge nursery on the North Fork. I would post the details but they are strictly to the trade only. Of course there are plenty of retail places out on the North Fork with a good selection of plants and reasonable prices.


WiseAcre said...

Would that nursery be the Plantage by any chance? I drive 470 miles to shop there :)

Anonymous said...

A Knock Out Roses are the plant suggested by the gardening columnist of Esquire magazine for single men's front yards–to help them pick up women. Sort of like getting a puppy and walking it in the park to help pick up women.

I'm sure that has something to do with their popularity.

Anonymous said...

Never heard that tale about the rose used to pick up women. I learned two things today and both surprised me.

joey said...

As always lovely photos, Chris. The knockout is a gorgeous pink for sure ... must think of including this beauty. Do hope you are getting this much needed rain that our gardens will certainly be thankful for come spring.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi wise acre,

I love the Plantage but this place is called Pinewood Perennials. All the nurseries on Long Island always amaze me. A true plant lovers paradise.

Jim, that is funny. The puppy thing works as I am mobbed every time I take Juno out.

Mr. Lincoln, thanks for stopping by. I always learn new things when surfing the blogsphere.

joey, All we are getting is rain now. I hope someone shuts off the spigot soon. Thanks for commenting. I would recommend the Double Pink Knockout for your garden.

Indrani said...

The Begonia 'Lancelot' is captivating.

maryt/theteach said...

I have to say those roses and the begonia are amazing! :)

Forever Foster said...

These photos are spectacular!