Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Daylily - Poinsettia

Red Daylily
Hemerocallis 'Poinsettia’

Red Daylily for Ruby Tuesday. These pictures were sitting around on a memory card I decided to clean off this weekend. Still have a couple of cards to go. This Daylily was growing at the NYBG and was literally blooming its head off. I have admired it for several years now and was glad a got a decent picture this year.

This other picture is from Long Beach Island. That card is just getting cleaned off too. The shovels just caught my eye in the Surf City 5 and 10.

Today the mums are getting delivered. They are bringing some bright yellow and some burgundy ones. Melissa was sweet enough to help Juno and I select a few of some other colors, also. There is also a 7-foot ‘Dragon Lady’ Holly on the truck. That is going to be prickly. The 60 mums have to go in today, as I am schedule to go to Hyde Park tomorrow.


Mojo said...

The only problem with day lillies is that they never last long enough. They do, however, have the virtue of being something I can't seem to kill.

Dianne said...

lovely photos

I hope the mums got in all right!

Anonymous said...

Can't beat the rich color of those day lilies, but I also have to say that the photo of the colorful shovels has a lot of eye appeal, especially for Ruby Tuesday.

Rhonda Gales said...

Love the day lilies, but the colorful shovels really caught my eye. Makes you want to buy one, lol.