Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dahlia Festival 2008 – Day Three - Full Flowers

Dahlia Festival 2008 – Day Three
Five Full Flower Dahlias

Normally it would be Wordless Wednesday again around here but I did want to give the cultivar names for these Dahlias. Actually three are seedling Dahlias and the others are named. I was reading that when photographing Dahlias it is less desirable to allow the petals to extend past the edge of the frame (unless it is a macro). Armed with this information before going to the Dahlia garden these are my attempts at full flower Dahlias. It is much easier to do with the 24mm lens I found out but the 50mm/1.8 and the 60mm/2.8 were also used on these photos.

Here are two more Seedling Dahlias. They are kept track of by numbers. Some of these seedlings will be make appearances as macros later on.

This next flower is a Dinnerplate Dahlia called ‘Kidds Climax’. This is one that we have had in the garden before and it is a beautiful, large and easy to grow Dahlia. Of all the flower classes of Dahlias Dinnerplate is probably one of my favorites. They can be so dramatic kind of like a more colorful and textured Sunflower. The Cactus types are probably my second favorite.

This Dahlia is special since the foliage is a dark purple. The orange flower really stands out against the foliage. This is the first year that I have grown a lot of the purple leaf types and they have been outstanding. When I say a lot it means about 24 over three different gardens. They did well in the ground and in containers and just kept on blooming and are still growing strong now. This cultivar is ‘David Howard’.

Yesterday’s Wordless Dahlias were:
1. ‘Sharky’ / Ball Dahlia

2. ‘Hollyhill Joker’s Wild’ / Informal Decorative

3. Seedling

4. Seedling

5. Alpen Cherub / Collarette Dahlia


Batista said...

This is my bad luck that I would not go to Dahlia festival.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Such vibrant colors.

Daisy Deadhead said...

These are stunning! LOVE the last one!

Proud grandma!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your dahlia set this week. I haven't tried to grow these and am not sure they work well in our conditions.

i beati said...

That first one is my favorite wow sandy

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the comments. misti, I am not sure if Dahlias would work down there. They are from Mexico originally so you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

I know almost nothing about dahlias but think your photos are gorgeous. The b&w's are especially striking. Only recently did I learn about all the different classifications for dahlias. I had no idea they were so numerous. I would like to try a few collarettes next season in my containers, for some reason those appeal to me more.