Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain of Gold

Rain of Gold
Galphimia glauca
(gal-FIM-ee-uh) (GLAW-kuh)
Synonyms: Gold Shower, Shower of Gold, Thryallis glauca, Mexican Gold Bush

While out looking for some perennials for shade on Sunday I spied this plant. Bringing the camera to the nursery is probably not the best idea since I can easy get sidetracked. Like shooting this picture of this sun-loving tender perennial. It is only hardy to USDA Zone 9. The flower and plant were quite attractive and it looked like it would grow well in a container. It is native to the drier areas of Central America.

Speaking of tropical plants I think I am going to start bringing in a few of the big ones at the Estate next week, Last night was pretty cold (not nearly cold enough to frost) and it was a reminder. I don’t like waiting to bring everything in at once when there is a frost warning since there are some large trees and other pots.

This is a digital watercolor I was playing around with, It was a photo of a Ladybug sitting on a Hollyhock bud.


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WiseAcre said...

Too bad the 'Rain of Gold' is tender. I like the flower form and color. (yes I never tire of yellow)

The Aster photos are stunning. Now that the coneflowers are pretty much finished the Asters have caught my attention too.

S-V-H said...

Very nice lady bug photo! I like your blog, very nice flowers!