Thursday, March 15, 2012



It sure was a nice surprise to roll up to work and find 100’s of Crocuses in bloom. It was posted here last November 11th that we were planting them and there they were forming their own little carpet of color. These white ones were especially enchanting when the sun was hitting them. They seemed to look like a little electric flower. The purple striped ones were nice looking too. There is a bright yellow (not pictured) Crocus amongst them, which is truly hard to ignore.

The other bulbs (mostly Tulips and Daffs) planted in this garden seem a little slow and you could see me bending over and carefully flicking soil and mulch away from their areas trying to catch a glimpse of emerging foliage. I still have a sense of anticipation for those flowers. It is easy to forget with the mild weather that the tulips are not supposed to bloom until May and that is still two months away.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Finally ordered a bunch of crocus to plant this fall. (100? 200? I forget) Can't wait for another spring to have such beauties.
Check out my photo of the Luna moth.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Well good luck. They are always a big harbinger of spring for me.