Thursday, October 25, 2007

Belgian Hardy Mum

Belgian Hardy Mum

Short post today as I am tired and don’t have much time. I have a backlog of paperwork to do and since I am one helper down have to get into the trenches myself (the horror of that). We are moving some 8 foot shrubs that are getting too big for the foundation planting and adding some new drainage as the area behind the plants has sunk over the years allowing water to get into the basement. I wanted to share this Chrysanthemum that I saw at White Flower Farm a couple of weekends ago. It is a Belgian Hardy Mum, which you can learn a little about by
clicking here.

These types of colors seem to be ‘in’ as I have been seeing a lot of plants like this. I guess it does have a certain fall look to it. I marked this one down as ‘Castilio’ but I don’t think that is it. It is kind of a cross between a spider and cushion Mum if that is possible. I never seem to know the cultivar names of the mums and they also seem to change every year. If you find a couple you like chances are you won’t be able to get them the following year.

Overall my Mums are doing well this year. I guess I got them at the right time because sometimes they don’t seem to last too long.

Blogger seems to have some uploading problems today so I tried using my Photobucket account to post the pictures. Sorry in advance if they are not coming through.


MedaM said...

Hi from Sarajevo, B&H
Came here from Mr. Mapper's blog. I like your blog especially the flowers photos. As I enjoy flowers the most, the name of your blog attracted me to see what you have to show.

Vanillalotus said...

So beautiful! I like that color of the belgian hardy mum but I don't know if I would plant it myself. Good luck on your shrub moving adventure.

Dana said...

very nice pictures and beautiful flowers. happy ww

Oswegan said...

Beautiful light.


Jessica said...

I love your photography. You have inspired me to take some photos of my Mums as well.

Enjoyed looking at your blog.

lisa's chaos said...

Such beautiful mums!!

Annie said...

Your mum photos came up quite nicely. It's true, those are Fall colors. I didn't realize that I must buy the ones I like NOW or I might never have the chance again.

And thanks for the info about Devil's Walking Stick.

Princess Haiku said...

These are just gorgeous and the Belgian mums look like they will be a good choice for a novice planter. I love the lavender/magenta color myself.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hello medam, welcome to and thanks for visiting.

vanilla, I am going to get over and check out your site today. Thanks for commenting. Transplanting is hard work but has a big impact on the way things look.

dana, oswegan, and lisa's chaos, thanks for the comments

jessica, happy shooting. Try and get the mums in the afternoon when the light is slanting down on them.

annie, your welcome. It was fun to see an old nemesis on your blog.

princess, hey there. I can't really decide if I like the color or not but have been seeing it a lot lately. I think it works well this time of year.