Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fall Leaf on Granite

Fall Leaf

I took this picture at work the other day. It is a native Acer rubrum (Swamp or Scarlet Maple) leaf on an Old Spruce Mountain Granite step. The granite is native to Connecticut. Those darker areas are actually pieces of Garnet.

I went to a XXth (not allowed to say the number, if you know what I mean) in Manhattan last night. We had a good time. The entertainment was a private concert by the Derek Trucks Band of whom Eric Clapton said in his new book, “Derek’s playing is stunning, unlike anything I’d ever heard before”. Eric asked him to join his last world tour and Derek played on Eric’s last record. Derek’s wife Susan Tedeschi joined in for several songs and she is an attractive, talented woman with a lot of energy. It was some of the best close up guitar playing I have ever heard. Actually it was some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard, period.
Here are a few links to DTB sites:

Derek Trucks/Wikipedia

I got a new lens, the Nikon 50mm/1.8 and decided to use it at the party. Here is a picture of Derek that I took.

I posted eight other pictures here:
New Pictures Album on Digital Flower

The lens did pretty amazing considering the $119 (US) price and the really dim light at the venue. I am happy to have a new prime and hope to use it on some botanical and night shots.


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That's a beautiful shot of the leaf!

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