Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Festival of Roses ~ Day Ten ~ Close ups

Festival of Roses ~ Day Ten ~ Close ups

2007 Digital Flower Pictures.com Festival of Roses Continues

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I thought I would have a day where I posted some of the close up I have (tried) to take recently. I don’t have as much time as I would like to explain about the roses today. I have been practicing a lot since I have to play at a benefit next week. I scrapped together a band from three other ones that I used to play in. It has been nice to see old friends and since I haven’t playing much lately it is nice to get back into it a bit.

This first rose is one of the 25 or so roses that I can’t identify in the rose garden at the farm. I am calling Austin rose but I don’t think I have seen this particular one before. I thought it might be ‘Heritage’ but it does have a lot of yellow in it. This is one of the few pictures you will ever see on this blog that I used a flash on. I seemed to work out okay.

Honey Bee and the Shrub Rose ‘Rhapsody in Blue'

Hybrid Musk Rose 'Eva'

Here is a list of roses I have been tending to at the farm:

Abraham Darby *
Aromatherapy *
Baronne Prévost*
Bishop’s Castle
Change of Heart *
Chrysler Imperial
Cinnamon Twist *
Double Delight
Falstaff *
Fountain Square
Fragrant Keepsake
Gertrude Jekyll
Gene Boerner
Graham Thomas
Grand Finale
Heaven and Earth
Heirloom *
Heritage *
Honey Perfume *
Hot Cocoa *
John F. Kennedy
Love and Peace
Madame Plantier *
Melody Perfume *
Memorial Day *
Moondance *
Opening Night
Outrageous *
Peace *
Perfume Delight *
Perfume Perfection *
Princess Diana
Queen Elizabeth *
Scentimental *
Sheer Bliss *
Show Biz *
Shymus Serpylum
Spice Time
Strike it rich *
Sunset Celebration *
Touch of Class
Tournament of Roses
Tropicana *
Ultimate Pink *
White Lightnin'

The * denotes multiples of that variety, for instance there are seven ‘Tropicana’ bushes but most varieties have 2 or 3. Additionally there roughly 25 that I can’t identify yet (haven’t given up hope) and ‘holes’ for 25-30 more plants. I am going to get them in the spring. Previously they have lost about anywhere from 25 to 50 plants over the winter. The garden is in a very cold pocket of Zone 6 and most of these roses are rated for Zone 7.

This last picture is ‘Snowbird’, a hybrid tea rose. I had to chuckle about the name because I am often seeking refuge in Florida as a snowbird during the winter. Not sure how I got the blue metallic look as this rose is usually a little off-white. Probably the white balance was off but I went with anyway.


misti said...

Thank you for posting all of these roses daily. It is a nice thing to read every morning! :) I love the white one at the end and the one for Wordless Wednesday/Tuesday. Gorgeous!

Oh, if you would like some white beautyberry seeds, let me know and I can send some to you.

Phillip said...

I really enjoy seeing your rose photos. I would like to see photos of the garden as a whole. How much time do you spend tending them - do you have to spray them?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi misti, glad to be brightening the morning a little for you. I have never seen the white beauty berry around here, I am going have to check if it is hardy.

phillip, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I very rarely, if ever, post pictures of the gardens that I work in since they are private (key word). Use the link in the sidebar to ukbob's Gardener to the Big House blog to see what can happen (you have to follow the link to his other blog to get the story). I am very lucky to work for some fabulous people that have a very good commitment to horticulture and have decided to respect their privacy by not posting pictures of their houses.

All that being said it is a lovely rose garden that I spend a day in every three weeks and a couple of hours a week on the in between weeks. They have another company that takes care of the spraying on the property which gets me off the hook.

I take of a couple much smaller rose plantings at the estate I regularly work at and another house.

Thanks for asking.


Lynette said...

Truly lovely. I know just where to go this winter when I can't head up the hill to Portland's Rose Garden. Thank you so much!

Phillip said...

Chris, of course that makes perfect sense. I wasn't sure if the garden was a public one or private. It sounds like you have a great job!