Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blue Ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora)

Blue Ginger
Dichorisandra thyrsiflora
(dy-kor-ih-SAN-druh) (thur-SEE-flor-uh)
Commelinaceae (ko-mel-ih-NAY-see-ay)
Synonyms: Brazilian Ginger

This is another tropical plant I saw at the Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford, Connecticut. The color of the flower was extremely striking. I am not sure what they are going to do with all the tropical plants they had outside. I brought the ones at Estate inside last week, as there is always the threat of frost at this time. We had one frost warning already a couple of weeks ago. Since this is a USDA Zone 9 (-6.6 °C/20 °F) plant there is no way it is going to make it outside. I guess they know what to do and like pushing it to the last moment.

I don’t remember looking at the plant or foliage, just the flowers. It grows as a clump forming rhizomatous perennial to a height of 8 feet. It is a native to Central and South America and not a true Ginger. It is more closely related to another member of the Commelinaceae (Spiderwort) family the Wandering Jew.

Dichorisandra is easy to propagate from stem cuttings and it is also easy to cultivate in the house.


Sandy Carlson said...

Just astounding. Thanks for this treat and the reminder about the Stamford Arboretum.

mitzh said...

So beautiful! Love the color.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sandy, the Bartlett is worth checking out, though at this point I think you are better off waiting until spring.

mitzh, thanks kindly. The color of this flower is amazing and only partially captured here.

Ki said...

Gingers never seem to disappoint. This one is really gorgeous. Does it have a scent?

Juhi said...

I loved the contrast between black and blue.