Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hardy Chrysanthemum ‘Rhumba’

Hardy Chrysanthemum ‘Rhumba’
Synonyms: Dendranthema

Today’s flower is a Hardy Chrysanthemum like these flowers I posted on September 28th:

‘Rhumba’ is still blooming strong along with my ‘Sheffield Pink’ mums. Most of the generic ‘hardy mums’ look bad or have completely finished blooming. Even though I feel like it is a waste of time I will be planting a few of those with the hope they are truly hardy. No need to worry about that with ‘Rhumba’ as it is hardy at least to USDA Zone 5. This is my first season with ‘Rhumba’ so I can’t say that it is hardy from experience. It has grown to about 20 inches (50cm) and seems to have a nice habit. The buds and blooms are various shades of coral as they open and age. They are part of the Autumn Crescendo Series of Chrysanthemums. All of which appear to be nice plants.


Vanillalotus said...

Beautiful colors. It's nice to see non bight flowers every once in awhile. I hope your mums are hardy for you.

Princess Haiku said...

Oh these are wonder too. There are so many varieties.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Although I generally do not like mums, that is a pretty 1.

Photo Buffet said...

Another beautiful shade of mum! I'm always amazed by how many varieties of mums there are.